The new standard in digital virtual organ technology.

Built and designed without compromise, by organists, for organists in support of our pipe organs.

From the ground up, a fresh scientific approach to the accurate reproduction of pipe and electronic organs, built by time-served experts who also just happen to be organists too!

Almost all of the currently available digital pipe organ technology whilst producing a sometimes pleasing result, suffer from a fundamental flaw in the approach to audio reproduction. Instead of repeating the same mistakes, we took our individual areas of expertise in advanced software and sound engineering and painstakingly created a more efficient and scientifically accurate way of reproducing the sound of an organ. This has resulted in the most responsive, most powerful and most advanced digital audio product in its class.

  • Crystal clear 32bit (float) native audio
  • Specifically optimized for each hardware platform, not a one size fits all compromise
  • Identical features regardless of operating system, not working with the lowest feature set all platforms support
  • Support for VST plugins as well as the ability to act as a VST instrument
  • Using state-of-the-art secure modern software architecture and technology, with regular updates to keep inline with security updates.
  • The organ display can be operated from a different computer or device with a modern browser, allowing 'headless' operation and the same control as if you were sat at the console. (subject to network connectivity)
  • Uses recently introduced new user interface technology which gives even greater power and flexibility than our previous organ user interfaces, and makes it even easier to create your own organ!

Are you tired of unnecessarily complicated VPO software, where upgrades are forced, and cost, where all of this complexity is there to give the user some illusion of being advanced, yet never really gives you any meaningful improvements? The good news is, because we care about UX (User eXperience) from our expertise in human factors/industrial design, we have made our whole software platform contextual and simple to use. You only see what is relevant to the task in hand and don't have to navigate a complex user interface to make the changes you desire.

We are taking a different approach to how you try and buy your organ software, so that you can be always assured that our products will continue to exceed your expectations. Unlike others, our support is free Subject to T&Cs and we are not here to simply try and profiteer from the organ community, but instead do our bit to support the organ funds of the instruments we have been honoured to sample. Our products are aimed at the discerning musician who is prepared to ignore a lot of the incorrect received wisdom that is often bandied about on internet forums, who want something robust, high quality, high performing and above all else, high fidelity to the original.

We believe once you have tried our latest software version and made the necessary adjustments so it is balanced for your own sound system, and witnessed the blistering performance and low latency of our software, you will not want to play anything else!

Simple and intuitive to use

If you can use an organ console, you should be able to use this, without need for complex manuals or "made easy" guides! Whilst we offer features you would not typically find on a pipe organ console, such as applying EQ or adjusting the acoustic model, we present these potentially daunting features in a simple to use intuitive way without exposing you to unnecessary complexity.

Efficient use of multi-core processors

This software is far from a dumb sample player or 'sampler'. As we generate pipe release audio 'on the fly', then allow the user to apply EQ, multi-channel world class convolution reverb and so on, our software is working much harder to deliver the features that have previously been missing from other software or at often considerable additional cost. Even though this software is doing considerably more processing than other VPOs to deliver a truly authentic sound, due to the use of the latest parallel processing and multi-threading techniques, you should never see an overworked processor or processing bottle-necks or indeed require a behemoth to run it!

We have taken additional time to optimize the software for each platform so we can take full advantage of all available technology for that platform which leads to considerably lower latency and an even distribution of processing workload.

Uses less than half of the RAM used by other VPO software, even on the same organ definition with identical samples!

Flexible modular design allowing easy future expansion and features

Whilst this software is primarily aimed at the accurate reproduction of pipe organs, it is adaptable with ease to provide the same flawless audio for electronic organs, keyboard instruments and orchestral instruments.

This software can be used without any user interface in 'headless' mode and has additional features to enable easy hardware control operation where the user interface is not being displayed.

Ability to support specific and generic MIDI hardware easily, including SysEx with an easy to use MIDI 'learn' operation.

World class acoustic modeling

Our software uses the latest advances in acoustic modeling, but also offers the organist an almost infinite list of acoustic adjustments so you can really now have it YOUR WAY in the acoustic setting that most suits your needs!

This software works like no other. It has been written from the ground up, and uses a completely different technique for reproducing pipe speech, and then applying the acoustic environment of your choice.

Does not suffer from 'acoustic summing' or 'staccato bounce' as with Grand Orgue and Hauptwerk. This leads to a vastly clearer, responsive and more accurate sound as additional pipes are activated, and because we do not routinely use release samples, the acoustic options available to you are practically limitless.

Secure modern 64 bit architecture

Whilst most VPO software uses technology that is at least 20 years old, all of our software uses the latest frameworks (to take advantage of more modern hardware) and is updated in line with security vulnerability patches and feature releases from operating systems and software frameworks.

Try it today!

Doing a full evaluation of our software and the various organs is free and simple! Once you have registered an account with us, you will be able to download trial versions of our consumer software. No credit cards, no excessive gathering of personal information, risk free!

Try it today!


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Professional Organ Sampling

Your organ reproduced accurately in digital audio and graphical form, with fund-raising potential!

Allow risk free wider access to your instrument, with free copies available for your education programme. Monitor and share in the success of your instrument as it is more widely enjoyed in every corner of the earth!

Large Installations

We can provide advice and support on getting the best from Great Organ in larger environments.

We are currently working on providing additional multi-channel full network audio for connections to existing networked audio systems, to make integration simpler.

Software Consultancy

We can provide additional consultancy as required for specialist software additions and product to accompany our base software. This includes support for MIDI devices and plug-ins.

Hardware Consultancy

As there is a lot of choice, not all of it good in terms of organ hardware and consoles, we can provide advice and support on getting the best equipment, without breaking the bank!

We are in the process of setting up our own range of professional organ console hardware and MIDI devices. This includes digital hardware stops, expression pedals, pedal-boards and other console casework and hardware.

Custom digital organs

As our platform is very flexible, it allows us to offer an organ customization and new build service that is both affordable and also has the potential for you to share in the earnings from your instrument, should you choose to make it more publicly available.

Want to bring your organ to our platform to get the best out of your samples?

Creation and conversion of existing organs is easier than ever before. We can provide advice, support and assistance as required to get your organ on to our platform in days, rather than many months

If you wish to make your organ available for other VPO platforms additional to us, then this is fine by us. Unlike other VPO companies, we believe in free choice and therefore do not impose anti-competitive restrictions on sample set producers on whom they may work with.

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Great Organ - Organist Edition Windows (x64)


Great Organ - Organist Edition Apple Mac (Intel x64)


Great Organ - Organist Edition Apple Mac (Silicon)


Great Organ - Organist Edition Linux (x64 Debian)


Great Organ - Organ Builder Edition Windows (x64)


Great Organ - Organ Builder Edition Apple (Intel x64)


Great Organ - Organ Builder Edition Apple (Silicon)


Great Organ - Loop Studio Windows (x64)


Great Organ - RoboSampler (Windows x64 only currently)




Barton 3 manual 12 rank theatre organ


Cavaillé-Coll 3 manual organ


Friesach, Pfarrkirche 3 manual organ


Gaumont Compton 4 manual theatre organ


Lawrence Phelps organ of Hexham Abbey


Leeds Town Hall (2019 Preservation) concert organ


Marcussen 3 manual organ


Ripon Cathedral 4 manual TC Lewis/Harrison organ


Spirit of Liverpool 4 manual Henry Willis organ


St Nicholas Blundellsands - 3 Manual organ


United Church Trowbridge - 3 Manual Sweetland organ


Henry Willis 3 manual organ


Professional Organ Sampling

Organ sampling done properly!

Professional sound engineering

Organs, choirs and events

Custom MIDI hardware for Organ consoles

Custom designed and built affordable MIDI solutions

Constantly striving for excellence and adoption of the latest technology

From the outset, we have kept up with the latest technology and security features and constantly update and improve our software, giving you the features and performance you expect. We do not force you to upgrade, or charge you into the bargain. Our ethos is to be lead by our user feedback and continually improve as users from many years back when we first started, will attest. An upgrade is just that, and not packed with features designed to look good rather than be of any use!

Organs sampled Organs sampled to date. Some still awaiting release...

Organs awaiting/due sampling Our current pipeline of organs either being sampled currently or imminently.

Years of Great Organ evolution and development We have been building this software carefully and been making incremental improvements and giant leaps forward since the time we decided that the existing VPO software did not fit the bill, and we built our own!

Years of experience Combined commercial experience in our software engineering and sound engineering disciplines.

Ellen G.

Theatre Organist

Finally, a piece of software that brings digital organs to a whole new level of realism, and a product written for organists. I love the theatre organs and whilst I play only for pleasure these days, I have the power of a mighty theatre organ in my own home, and it sounds incredibly like the real thing.

Violet Yi

Organ Student

This software is the only VPO I have found that caters for all of my needs and is capable of handling even the most challenging organ works, flawlessly and with crystal clear sound. I find the integrated music control a particularly valuable feature which doesn't appear in other similar software.

Matt Karlis

Director of Music

I was initially sceptical about this software, but it delivers on its promises and I now use it daily, as do my organ students. It has been very reliable and super performant so far. Upgrades are free, support is free and it is under constant improvement. What more could you ask?

James Alysum

Organist and Choirmaster

As a previous VPO software user, I was worried about investing in new organ software as I had already spent quite a bit on virtual organ software. The quality is far superior, and when comparing directly alongside with my existing VPO, the difference was night and day. I have since sold my previous VPO software on eBay which speaks volumes. Great job and keep up the great work!

Jake Larson

Organ Student

What an outstanding piece of software! You can make any organ sound very differently and to your particular tastes, even trying the organ with differing building acoustics. The built in EQ takes some getting used to but super powerful and easy to get the results you want. I have seen this product progress exponentially over the years and it really is the best product in its class right now.


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