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At the start of the COVID-19 lock-down, many institutions closed their doors only allowing single individual access, which was impractical for sampling. Lock-down also presented an opportunity to have potentially greater access to instruments, so to overcome the access requirements we designed, built and started using automated sampling with our first prototype RoboSampler.

The first instrument fully sampled using RoboSampler, was Hexham Abbey mid 2019, and as this is a very light tracker action instrument we also found a significant benefit of the consistent key pressure was a more consistent pipe speech, and were able to adjust the key press speed and pressure to get the optimum result on every key press.

RoboSampler comes with calibrations for standard keyboards, but can be tuned to work on almost all keyboards where they may have a slightly inconsistent or non standard size. Once a calibration is tested and stored, it can be used for every rank of pipes.

  • Sized for keyboards up to and including 61 notes
  • A typical rank of pipes can be recorded in 12-15 minutes, which also allows sampling runs to fit nicely between any noisy clock mechanisms or chimes the building may have on the quarter hour!
  • No need to re-record each rank for different release samples, just the attack sample. This cuts the time to sample a full organ, significantly.
  • Robotic automated key press ensures consistent pressure and speed of note press, which is especially important for tracker instruments where pipe speech can be affected by speed of key press.
  • 3D printed components using Bio-Plastics / Bio/Plant based resins
  • Simple one button operation and clear graphics operational display
  • Optional Bluetooth / WIFI mobile app connectivity for remote control
  • Low-cost spare parts and using easily available generic components
  • More accurate, consistent and gentle than a human at the console
  • Causes no damage to keyboard or console.
  • 240v/110V options. 240v Standard - All components post transformer are low voltage.

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