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Organ Builder Edition
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Creating a new organ is a two part process. First of all, assembling the samples into a digital organ sample set and secondly, building the user interface of the disposition to allow the user to interact with the sample set.

The disposition builder is currently being refactored to use the same technology as the rest of the Great Organ products and will be available soon.

The Sample Set Builder tool is designed not only to build final polished sample sets but to also work as a rapid prototyping tool. It can therefore work with unlooped samples as well as looped, giving you the possibility of testing how a set of ranks will sound in the final released software.

The Sample Set Builder tool additionally allows you to experiement and test new convolution reverb with your ranks, and also act as a VST 2.4 instrument should you wish to hand over control of final audio and MIDI to a VST host application.

Sample Set Builder / Rapid prototyping tool

From folders of samples to a fully featured playable instruments in minutes!

Application Startup

An advanced rapid sample set prototyping and building tool

Create sample groups from folder of audio samples

Allows the user to rapidly import multiple folders containing samples and set the release profile for rank generated releases

Importing of raw audio data into sample groups

Display of all raw audio data being imported

Rank Properties - Shows the individual note parameters for each rank

Verify or adjust rank releases for individual notes

Rank adjustment and combination

Allows modification of ranks and for ranks to be combined into a new rank combination

Sample set build settings

Set final sample set properties for sample set prior to build

Choose how to audition the sample set

Audition the ranks from the built sample set

Use the pull stops as normal, the on screen or external MIDI keyboard. Adjust balance and reverb

Audition adjustment of sample set

Only available for download on request

Disposition Builder

More information to follow

Compatible with

Windows x64

Windows 10 / Windows 11

  • Windows 10/11 x64 - Intel i5 6th Gen or better
  • 16Gb+ RAM (ideally DDR4)
  • 128Gb+ SSD or M2.SSD
  • Ideally using dedicated soundcard

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