Great Organ- St Nicholas Church, Blundellsands, Liverpool

1968 JW Walker 3 Manual Organ (Norman Beard)

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National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR) Entry

This organ currently needs fairly substantial restoration, and 100% of the proceeds from the St Nicholas organ software will be given directly to the organ restoration fund.

This organ was originally build by Norman and Beard in 1913 and replaced a smaller specification 3 manual Brindley and Foster organ, which was relocated to Crossway Congregational Church, Surrey Newington.

Much of the existing Norman and Beard pipework has been retained but has been revoiced by JW Walker in 1968, during which a new console was added and the mechanism was changed to electric action.

Currently the blower manifolds and electric action require considerable work, as well as a modernisation of the console internals, all of which is being undetaken by David Wells Organbuilders of Liverpool.

A number of distinguished soloists have given recitals at St. Nicholas’ including Ian Tracey (principal organist for the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral), Richard Lea (former organist at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral – now at Buckfast Abbey), David Poulter (former organist of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral) and Stephen Hargreaves (former organist at St. Nicholas’ Church, Blundellsands).

This organ is used fully by the church and a very integral part of every service. A high standard of music has always been the reputation of St Nicholas. The current work should ensure that the organ survives in good order for many decades of service and future generations to enjoy.

Due to the manifold leaks and escaping wind, it was particularly challenging to sample this organ. We hope to return to re-sample it when all of the current restoration work is complete.

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