Great Organ - St Lawrence Church - Bidborough, Kent

1894 JW Walker 2 Manual Organ

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National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR) Entry

This organ was originally built by J.W. Walker and Sons. of London in 1894 and had a smaller specification comprising of 7 stops and a built in console, located in the west end of the church.

In 1985 Michael Mason moved the console to its current location in the East Corner of South Aisle facing into Nave. The attached console was replaced with a detached Kimber Allen tabstop console, with solid state elecric action.

During the rebuild, the original casework was retained and some tonal additions were made, however the pipework remains original and unspoiled. The organ is currently in excellent working order and despite it's modest specification, is tonally beautiful and very much an excellent example of a traditional parish church organ.

Sadly, the church are no longer able to accomodate this organ and with very heavy hearts they are having to remove it, but very generously allowed us to sample it for them to preserve the record of it, in situ. In due course we hope to see the digital replacement being used at St Lawrence's ideally using the existing console.

We would like to sincerely thank the Rector Stephen Hills, for his kind hospitality and patience during the sampling process.

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