Great Organ- Spirit of Liverpool - Henry Willis III

4 manual Henry Willis Organ

The base software must be installed on your computer before installing this organ plug in.

100% of the proceeds from this organ will be given directly to the St. Nicholas Church Blundellsands organ restoration fund.

Dual display mode with optional music library display (Mouse over to zoom)

Single display mode (Mouse over to zoom)

Suggested minimum computer specification

Windows 7-10 (Ideally Windows 10) x64
i5 4th Generation Processor (or AMD equiavalent)
16Gb RAM
128Gb Hard Drive (Ideally a solid state disk SSD)
Dedicated sound card (eg SoundBlasterZ) or USB external sound card

About this organ

This organ has been very carefully sampled from selected Henry Willis organs of very similar vintage from Liverpool and the immediate surrounding area.
This organ is therefore a large composite organ made from more than one source organ, with a specification which takes it's influence from both the organ of St George's hall, Liverpool and Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.
The organs the ranks have been sampled from in their own right are very fine and well known instruments and would more than stand alone as a good virtual organ, however in this case we wanted to build something grander, so have combined the best of the ranks and specifications.
In particular, we wanted to be able to recreate the grand sound of these two instruments but keep the organ at a size which still remains responsive in a virtual environment, so it was not practical to make a verbatim copy of either organ specification, nor replicate the shear number of stops!
Whilst this virtual organ is a 4 manual instrument, it is still possible to fully utilise all manuals from a console with less than four manuals. 24 Bit Stereo and 5.1 surround sound (Studio Quality).

Audio samples to download

Download audio sample - Messian Dieu Parmi Nous (32 bit x 6 channel surround) (635Mb)

Download audio sample - Messian Dieu Parmi Nous (24 bit x Stereo) (158Mb)

Download audio sample - Vierne Berceuse (32 bit x 6 channel surround) (278Mb)

Download audio sample - Vierne Berceuse (24 bit x Stereo) (70Mb)

Download Spirit of Liverpool - Henry Willis III

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At the organ owner's specific request, we very regrettably cannot give any details about the organ(s) from which this sample set has been taken. Sadly some of the institutions which have permitted us sampling access rights in the past, have been contacted by our competitors whom have been angered by our whole low cost ethos, which of course quite deliberately challenges their business model.

Indeed, it also appears our commercial competitors have a somewhat fanatical hardcore of users who don't want to see ANY alternatives to the products they have invested huge sums of money in, and have equally attacked institutions who have permitted us sampling rights. In one particular case, the owners of the organ were threatened to such an extent that they withdrew the rights for us to use the sample set, thus stopping us making it available at low cost for all to enjoy.

As such, to protect our sources and to ensure you are able to continue to enjoy these sample sets, we must respect the wishes of the owners of the organ and allow them to remain anonymous. It is deeply saddening that such measures have become necessary, although unsurprising, especially when challenging greed!

Please do not ask us to elaborate further about this sample set as contractually we are not able to give further information about it. It is really difficult getting rights to sample and distribute sample sets in the first instance so we hope you understand that these measures are for the benefit of the many, not the few. All sample sets are 100% genuine and are used with full permission of the organ owners.

You don't need to know every last detail about this organ to enjoy playing it, and be assured we have taken great care to preserve it in as much detail as possible!