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The only commercial virtual organ software available that has accompanying professional tools for building sample set and organ dispositions, built by the manufacturer. You will not have to rely on dubious flaky home made third party tools, to build organs with us, stare at thousands of lines of XML or spend months doing it!

DigitalVPO RoboSampler

During the first UK COVID-19 lockdown, it became apparent that to be able to continue sampling instruments under such conditions, taking a second person to hold notes was not going to be an option.

This is our answer!!! It is the most advanced automated sampling / key holding robot currently available! It can be calibrated on keyboards up to and including 61 notes and has been designed to actually be more gentle than the human equivalent!

This is a precision engineered piece of equipment which is built to order. Current production to shipping time is approximately 4 weeks. AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!

RoboSampler is narrow enough to be used on almost any keyboard in any position, and whilst it is more gentle than an organist, it has the capability of dealing with the heaviest tracker action instruments. Simple rotary dial and button menu to operate.

Consisting of twin 20mm stainless steel rails, mounted on aluminium tracks, hi torque stepper motors and remaining components 3D printed from durable bioplastics.

Once keyboard calibrations have been programmed from the desktop application and stored to the SD card, RoboSampler can be used standalone without any further equipment being necessary.

Simple menu and status display of robot operation

Loading a stored calibration sequence from the built in SD card.

Running a calibration sequence, loaded from SD card.

Updateable firmware and new features can be added!

This is a precision engineered piece of equipment which is built to order. Current production to shipping time is approximately 4 weeks. AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!

DigitalVPO RoboSampler

Features at a glance

  • Easy to use graphical menu and display (128x96) and menu rotary commander button.
  • Built in SD card for storing keyboard calibrations
  • Adjustable width for catering for 56-61 note keyboards.
  • Accuracy to around 1/100th mm movement in sideways motion
  • Entirely new British engineered design, using as few non-recyclable materials as possisble
  • Twin key depression motors, one for black, one for white!
  • Custom upgradeable firmware and new features can be added or programmed
  • Total control over the timing of any sampling sequence played
  • Bluetooth Class 4 enabled. Can also be WiFi enabled if preferred
  • Hardware constantly healthchecks, so no uncommanded movements are possible, and is usually more gentle than a human operator pressing the keys manually
  • Super quiet operation mode

!!! Android application under current development to allow you to control RoboSampler up to 40 metres away with new Bluetooth Class 4 support being added !!!

RoboSampler is available to sample set producers and individuals. Price on application.

Apply to for details on delivery and manufacturing time.

Suggested minimum computer specification

Ideally a desktop or small form factor desktop computer, dedicated to this purpose if possible. Windows 10 x64
i5 4th Generation Processor or greater (although users report running successfully on much lower specifications than this)
16Gb RAM (Ideally fastest RAM machine can take)
128Gb Minimum, Hard Drive (Preferably a solid state disk SSD / M2.SSD)
Dedicated sound card (eg SoundBlasterZ) or USB external sound card

** NOTE ** Using our stripped down version of Windows 10, users are reporting significant performance improvements ***

We need your feedback !

This project is largely driven by user requests and feedback so your views are really important to us.

If you find something not working or you don't like, please come and talk to us first, as the chances are we can probably do something about your issue quickly.

Almost every issue encountered by users so far has had a resolution, so please don't be shy. We are only as good as the feedback we get!!

As this software is under a constant release cycle of regular updates, you may be surprised at how quickly we are able to incorporate all feedback received.

For issues with the software, licensing, or feature requests :-