3 Manual - Marcussen and Sons Organ

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About this organ

This organ has been sampled largely from a single instrument, but has been extended from it's original specification using ranks from another Marcussen.
Sadly, neither of the two organs exist any longer in the location they were sampled in, with one instrument being broken up and largely disposed of, and the other believed to be now languishing amongst other organs at a UK organ building firm.

The instruments date from the early and mid 1960s, and were fine examples of the traditional tracker driven craftsmanship of Marcussen & Son, and in particular this neo-baroque style.
The sounds of the tracker actions of both keyboard and pedalboard have been sampled for added authenticity, the level of which, is user adjustable.

16 Bit Stereo and 5.1 surround sound (CD Quality). Ranks recorded between 2014 and 2017, reprocessed 2019.

Tuning 440Hz

3 Manual - Marcussen and Sons Organ - Specification

Stop ID Rank Stop Name
2516'DULCIAN 16'
268'TROMPET 8'
214'OKTAV 4'
232'OKTAV 2'
242 RanksMIXTUR 2 KOR

Stop ID Rank Stop Name
18'GEDAKT 8'
51 1/3'NASAT 1 ¹/3'
64 RanksSCHARF 4 KOR

Stop ID Rank Stop Name
428'REGAL 8'
392'OCTAVIN 2'
412 RanksMIXTUR 2 KOR

Stop ID Rank Stop Name
5232'FAGOTT 32'
5816'BASUN 16'
598'TROMPET 8'
5316'SUBBASS 16'
5416'PRINCIPAL 16'
558'OKTAV 8'
564'OKTAV 4'
572 RanksMIXTUR 2 KOR

Stop ID Stop Name
62Brystvaerk to Huvudvaerk
63Rygpositiv to Huvudvaerk
64Huvudvaerk to Rygpositiv
65Brystvaerk to Pedal
66Huvudvaerk to Pedal
67Rygpositiv to Pedal
68Rygpositiv Tremulant
69Brystvaerk Tremulant

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Marcussen 3 Manual
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