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The only commercial virtual organ software available that has accompanying professional tools for building sample set and organ dispositions, built by the manufacturer. You will not have to rely on dubious flaky home made third party tools, to build organs with us, stare at thousands of lines of XML or spend months doing it!

Loop Studio tool

For a number of years we have been using the excellent LoopAuditioneer tool from Lars Palo to perform our looping, however we felt that it was necessary to build a new piece of software that built on the ideas from LoopAuditioneer and concentrate on usability, speed and robustness of the software.

Whilst this tool contains the main feature from LoopAuditioneer, it is actually a brand new completely written from scratch piece of software which uses the same technologies as we do in the Organist Edition software. If we need to really explain what this tool does, then you probably don't need it!

This software is available to sample set producers and individuals on application

Apply to for details on licensing

Suggested minimum computer specification

Ideally a desktop or small form factor desktop computer, dedicated to this purpose if possible. Windows 10 x64
i5 4th Generation Processor or greater (although users report running successfully on much lower specifications than this)
16Gb RAM (Ideally fastest RAM machine can take)
128Gb Minimum, Hard Drive (Preferably a solid state disk SSD / M2.SSD)
Dedicated sound card (eg SoundBlasterZ) or USB external sound card

** NOTE ** Using our stripped down version of Windows 10, users are reporting significant performance improvements ***

We need your feedback !

This project is largely driven by user requests and feedback so your views are really important to us.

If you find something not working or you don't like, please come and talk to us first, as the chances are we can probably do something about your issue quickly.

Almost every issue encountered by users so far has had a resolution, so please don't be shy. We are only as good as the feedback we get!!

As this software is under a constant release cycle of regular updates, you may be surprised at how quickly we are able to incorporate all feedback received.

For issues with the software, licensing, or feature requests :-