Great Organ - Digital Organ Software Platform

The new standard in Digital Virtual Organ technology.

Great Organ - Organist Edition, Version 2.6 is now available !!!

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Virtual organ software available built with up to the minute technology, that can fully utilize multi-core processors, make full use of hardware acceleration, enhanced processor features, and has smooth slick parallel tasking.

Great Organ software is developed using modular technology. The base software must be installed on your computer before installing any of the individual organ plug ins.

The base software is designed to run on a modest Windows x64 based computer, ideally NOT a laptop, but most reasonably modern Windows based PCs should be able to run the software successfully. We do recommend where possible, NOT to use laptops or mobility hardware, as these usually significantly under-perform on their desktop counterparts. This software WILL make the best use of the hardware that is available, but we advise you to try and meet the recommended minimum hardware specification for best performance.

Thanks to some amazing new technology from Microsoft, we will be shortly able to support Linux (Ubuntu initially). An Apple Mac version is also being considered as the remaining technical deficiences in the Mac platform now have a really excellent resolution (thanks to Microsoft), however the priority remains Windows and Linux at this present time.

See FAQs for more details...

Suggested minimum computer specification

Ideally a desktop or small form factor desktop computer (ideally not a laptop), dedicated to this purpose. Windows 10 x64
i5 4th Generation Processor or greater (although users report running successfully on much lower specifications than this)
16Gb RAM (Ideally fastest RAM machine can take)
128Gb Minimum, Hard Drive (Preferably a solid state disk SSD / M2.SSD)
Dedicated sound card (eg SoundBlasterZ) or USB external sound card

** NOTE ** Using our stripped down version of Windows 10, users are reporting significant performance improvements ***

Latest software version 1st November 2021

Download base software

Download link only available to registered users

Software remains in evaluation mode until a license key has been obtained

Great Organ - Organist edition

This software is no longer automatically available free to organists under 21 in current formal organ tuition.
We are still prepared to consider genuine applications for free or discounted software from young organists under tuition on a case by case basis. Evidence of tuition / age is mandatory to apply for these concessions.

We reserve the right to refuse concessionary discounts. Unfortunately we have temporarily had to withdraw this automatic facility to young organists due to a number of people recently attempting to abuse this unique and generous scheme.

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We need your feedback !

This project is largely driven by user requests and feedback so your views are really important to us.

If you find something not working or you don't like, please come and talk to us first, as the chances are we can probably do something about your issue quickly.

Almost every issue encountered by users so far has had a resolution, so please don't be shy. We are only as good as the feedback we get!!

As this software is under a constant release cycle of regular updates, you may be surprised at how quickly we are able to incorporate all feedback received.

For issues with the software, licensing, or feature requests :-