Great Organ - Virtual Organ Sofware

Base software download page

Great Organ software is developed using modular technology. The base software must be installed on your computer before installing any of the individual organ plug ins.

The base software is designed to run on a modest Windows x64 based computer, ideally not a laptop, but most reasonably modern Windows based PCs should be able to run the software successfully.

At present due to tecnological deficiencies in Apple and Linux based platforms we are unable to offer the software on these platforms without a considerable degradation in performance and functionality.

Suggested minimum computer specification

Windows 7-10 (Ideally Windows 10) x64
i5 4th Generation Processor (or AMD equiavalent)
16Gb RAM
128Gb Hard Drive (Ideally a solid state disk SSD)
Dedicated sound card (eg SoundBlasterZ) or USB external sound card

Latest software version 7th April 2019

Download base software

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