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Organ disposition and sample set creation

As we our software uses completely different technology and an entirely different approach to producing an organ, naturally our process of creating organ sample sets and dispositions is very different from what people may be used to.

Our tools have automated much of this process, whilst still allowing the user very fine control of the resultant organ sample set and sound. The only part that some users may find a steep learning curve is creating high quality user interfaces.

WPF / XAML, which is used to produce the user interface is a standard mature technology, not dissimilar to HTML or Xamarin. Our tools will produce a basic template user interface that leaves you with a playable organ, but there is no getting away from the fact that to do a really good user interface, you will need to embark on a learning curve!
We are confident however that when the power and flexibility of this technology to render really high quality 3D hardware accelerated graphics is realized, the investment in learning this technology will be far less of a consideration. It is all powerful.

We have already built a Linux version of this software, which uses the Xamarin user interface framework (in place of WPF), however there are hundreds of small user interface components which will need to be converted to their Xamarin counterparts before we can consider putting this out for test. If anybody wishes to participate in the development of the Linux version, and more especially work on the conversion of some user interface components from WPF to Xamarin, we would like to hear from you!

Restrictions on use

At present we only intend to release our sample set building tools to existing sample set developers, and/or specific trusted individuals. We are very concerned at present, that somebody could in fact build a new organ using these tools incorporating a licensed sample set, or with samples they do not have legal title to or permission to use.

We are aware of a number of individuals are offering such services, as they were also offered to our predecessor company. These companies do appear on the face of it to be entirely legitimate and have duped a number of users online into parting with large sums of money for counterfeit goods.

It is our first duty to ensure that sample set producers revenue is fully protected, so regrettably until we can find a way of guaranteeing that these tools cannot be misused, they will be subject to these restrictions and only available to bone-fide sample set producers and audio engineers.

We do hope to incorporate some of these tools into the main software, to allow more advanced disposition customization, however the ability to access any part of the sample set will not be permitted for the reasons stated above.

We do not put any restrictions on sample set producers, and they are free to charge as they wish for their work, however we will be strongly encouraging those who do not yet contribute to the sampled pipe organ funds, to do so, in order that we may be able to help ensure future generations get the same pleasure from these magnificent instruments as we do.

Bespoke services

Bespoke organ building

Current capabilities

  • 2-5 Manuals supported
  • Up to 127 ranks (Stereo) and 381 ranks in 5.1 surround only
  • Missing or incomplete ranks automatically restored
  • 16 bit 44.1K, 24 bit 48k sample WAV file import supported
  • Rank extensions and mutations, up to +/- 24 semitones
  • Support for user recorded convolution impulse files
  • Powerful graphical user interface rendering using your own or custom graphics
  • Largely an automated process, on receiving cleaned, cut and looped samples
  • No need to create any cumbersome, wasteful and error prone release samples
  • We can sample the instrument for you, subject to availability, all samples will be minimum of 24 bit 48k studio quality
  • Samples and sample set resources are compiled to a encrypted binary files, prior to distribution, helping to further protect your samples from theft or misuse

Details of some of our custom organ commissions will be posted here shortly, which include a custom Kilgen and a customized 2 manual JW Walker organ.