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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I go about trialing this software?
A. Firstly, you must create a user account on this site. Once your account has been activated, you are able to download the Organist Edition base software and any organs without restriction. All software and organs will be in trial mode until registered, and all organs and software have a trial mode so they may be fully evaluated before purchase. Trial mode allows you full access to each organ's functionality, for a period of 7 minutes with short breaks in the audio, but the organ is otherwise unlimited and exactly as the licensed version is.
For details of how to install and configure the software, please refer to the quick start guide, and for instructions on how to register and purchase software please follow this : How to register the software
Q. How do I license my trial software ?
A. The most important thing you should do before attempting to make any purchases, is to ensure your 'Installation Code' has been updated on our website in the "My Details" section. This makes our automated licensing system run efficiently, and without waiting for manual intervention.

Our licensing system cannot issue any licenses until the installation code from your computer has been entered. It will record all purchases, but licenses cannot be issued for purchases without the installation code. Licenses are issued instantly on successful purchase and a valid installation code. The installation code can only be entered once and is shown in the base software. See : How to register the software

A license for Great Organ Organist edition applies to one computer. You may request us to reissue a license for transfer to another machine, but you cannot use the same license on two machines. Each computer must have its own license of Organists edition.

A purchase will always generate a license, and will be fully recorded. If that license does not appear in your account instantly, or is in some way lost, do not fear as we are able to manually reissue licenses in that unlikely event. Your purchase will not get lost!
Q. Is this site and my details secure?
A. This site, uses an SSL certificate to encrypt all traffic to and from the website, just like any large e-commerce company. We decided to accept payments only via PayPal at this time as it offers both parties some valuable protection, and as the site and the integration with PayPal is totally encrypted and secure, you can be assured that this website has done all it can to protect you.

Additionally to this, we store the very minimum data per user we can safely operate with, and our webservers are professionally managed and secured by one of the most respected companies in the business. We have never seen them ourselves or been allowed access to them!

In line with our privacy policy, we simply DONT share user details, with anyone, ever, and users can be assured at all times that this site is safe and secure by ensuring the browser "padlock" icon is showing a secure connection.

Our SSL certificate can be authenticated and verified by clicking on the small blue "verified and secured" button in the bottom right of the footer in every page on the site.
Q. I am concerned about the safety of this software and that it may contain malware or access my personal information
A. Malware attacks by 3rd parties on software is a very real headache for software developers, and as we also share these concerns we have taken a considerable number of steps, baked in from the start, to ensure that this application can be as safe as possible to us, and resilient to attack or intrusion.

We cannot go into the specifics of the protection the software has in general, for obvious reasons, however be assured that if any component in the software is tampered with, the application will know, refuse to load and warn you immediately.

We do not collect any data from your computers, other than low level information about its capability to run the software in certain modes. None of this tiny amount of technical data identifies you in any way. We do not phone home or pass any information from your computer, and in fact we advise you to disconnect any internet connections when running our software!

The software has very enhanced protection against all currently know mechanisms for hacking and compromising software and/or injecting malware into it, as well as reverse engineering. The software is digitally signed and cannot be altered in any way without the application of our secure digital signature. Any modification of the software immediately invalidates this digital signature and the software simply doesn't run

Our build servers are scanned daily for viruses and malware. We scan everything also before upload our software to those servers. As a further measure, our server providers perform their own thorough scans independently of us. We are doing more than most!
Q. How do I get the best performance?
A. Firstly, use a dedicated desktop machine if you can, which has been stripped of all consumer bloatware, and has no background running operations such as antivirus, windows defender etc. If possible do not connect to the internet whilst you are playing, so no background downloads and updates can take CPU time. If you must use such tools, perform scans manually and switch off dynamic scanning.

You do not need a hugely expensive desktop machine, dripping with RAM. A modest i5 6th Gen or above, with the fastest RAM the board will take (only 16Gb required!). The software will hugely benefit from being loaded from an SSD drive or better still an M2.SSD.

Having a fairly modest dedicated sound card will also make a noticable difference. Again you do not need a hugely expensive sound card. We have found that the inexpensive SoundBlaster Z is more than up to the job. The software fully utilizes the hardware acceleration offered by such sound cards.

Whilst is it not that important to have a reasonable graphics card/chip, again the software benefits if it finds a decent graphics card with 3D rendering capability and hardware acceleration. Most modern PCs are fitted with some level of hardware accelerated and 3D rendering graphics, but a dedicated card will slightly improve the general performance and feel. Not enough to warrant adding one to our test console, but it does add up if you want the best performance.

In v2.0 we have added the ability to suspend WIFI / network connection whilst the software is running. This is optional but will prevent any background processes or software from doing hidden updates, which do use the CPU and disk and in extreme cases can cause audio breakup.

This software does not work like the other VPOs. It is doing a LOT more and thus many tens of thousands of tiny calculations are being performed every seconds. Some micro desktops machines are fitted with mobility hardware, or similar to what you might expect to find in a laptop. Always check the processor number and board type to ensure it is a full high speed desktop board and not a mobility based alternative. For Intel i Series processors, the letter U at the end of the processor number tells you it is ultralow power (and much lower performance although less so since 10th gen).

Keep Windows up to date, but ensure YOU control the schedule of updates of ALL software on this machine and do not run anything you absolutely do not have to when this software is running. If it has to ask for a share of the processor too many times, you will hear audio breakup! Whilst we have obviously buffered this to allow a certain amount of interuption, please do keep an eye on what is installed, and wherever possible use our cut down Windows 10 as your starting place as it is reported to make quite a significant difference in performance from stock Windows 10 installed with default settings.
Q. I hate touchscreens. Can this be used as a turnkey solution with no monitors?
A. Yes. There are a number of features that allow the system to be used in this way. The software can be configured to run as soon as the machine is switched on, and even pre-select a specific organ and load it right there on startup with the computer.

The system can also optionally safely close down the computer when the organist closes the organ disposition, and indeed you can capture pistons or midi buttons to allow a midi commanded shutdown of either just that running organ, or the whole computer.

Provided the console has sufficient hardware stops that can be captured to fully operate the on screen organ (inc control start/shudown) and they have been "learned", then the monitor(s) can be switched off or removed.

We do not yet offer a "ranks in a box" solution but that is under current review. Yes you can do without the user interface and it will perform MOST of the functions you would expect from a boxes ranks solution.
Q. I find the X in the top right corner to close an organ, difficult to use on my touchscreen
A. Fear not! All of the organs we currently produce in house have the ability to close the organ by simply touching the makers plaque or badge. One touch and the organ will close! The X and minimize was put there for compatibilty and convenience, but most users close the organ by clicking the organ builders badge!
Q. Is this software free, or is there a free offering?
A. No. Free software is usually free because it is not of commercial quality, not commercially viable, or no longer being actively developed. None of these things apply to this piece of software, however we do provide free licenses to bone-fide young music students who are able to evidence their tuition and age, but there is no free version of this software for general use. You are able to download and trial the software before deciding whether to obtain a license.

There are a number of free organs, which will steadily increase in time, however the software itself must be purchased and licensed before any organs, free or otherwise can be registered to remove the trial mode.

The software is very competitively priced, and arguably too cheap for what it is. The introductory price of £295 GBP is due to be reviewed mid year 2021, so grab a bargain!
Q. I have an Apple Mac, but this only supports Windows!
A. The most common Apple Mac people have is a superb piece of equipment for what it was designed for, and brilliant at it. However it is not very powerful when it comes to serious heavy mathematical computation. Unfortunately, not all Macs are equally as powerful, which leaves us with the problem that the vast majority of them will be woefully underpowered for what we need them to do. Our software isn't just a dumb sample player!

Anybody who has tried to do anything massively computationally heavy on a Mac, such as HD video editing, will quickly tell you that they either need a very expensive Mac or switch to Windows and a PC. Most Macs were not built for this heavy processing and indeed give priority to user interface tasks over background processing, which is precisely the opposite of what we need here!

People with a more modern powerful Mac DO have an option here, and that is to use our specially slimmed down version of Windows 10, and boot their Mac with Windows. Use of specific REALTEK sound drivers is required, but a number of users confirm that this does work.

Mac hardware is expensive. PC hardware is cheap, which allows you to dedicate a machine to this purpose. You are also probably using your Mac it for many other things too, so leave it to carry on doing those tasks brilliantly, and if you can afford it, purchasing a low cost PC of sufficient specification is often what most of our users ultimately find is the best solution.

We realize that other VPO software runs on a Mac and there is a reasonable expectation that ours will too, however our VPO works in a completely different way than any other and as a result can fully utilize ALL of the hardware presented to it. Going cross platform would remove most of these significant advancements, and we feel that it is pointless releasing compromised software as we are told that most genuine enthusiasts are more interested in getting the right tool for the job, than getting aeriated about the badge that tool sports.

We do have many things such as our native convolution reverb and other advanced audio processing which other VPOs do not have. In short, we are doing a LOT more and giving you a lot more, but we also require machines that are fast computationally and have fast throughput to the memory. A lot of Macs we are contacted about also are fitted with memory that would be too slow and result in latency.

Our initial tests running on a Mac were not encouraging. As the development technology improves, we intend to revisit this decision, but right now we see no compelling argument for us making an Apple version of the software. Most of the technology we need simply is not accessible or available on that platform, and in some cases Apple are decades behind.

In short, we don't want to cripple our software and release somthing on the Mac that is nowhere near as powerful as it is on the PC. We would rather be the best rather than have wider market access.

We appreciate that this will make some Mac users very upset, and that is far from our intention. We are very definately not anti-Mac either. This is purely a case of right tool for the job. Your Mac is still brilliant at what it does, but not enough of the models are brilliant enough at running high definition VPOs for us to invest any further time in this at the moment.
Q. What kind of support and warranty do you offer?
A. We have taken the deliberate decision NOT to have a user forum, and close down the support forum we initially created. Other VPO vendors use these largely to mitigate their need to do any support for their users, and often they are negative places with heated opinions and frankly very questionable advice and received wisdom.

In our case, all support is dealt with by a human being via email to Support, often with the software developers themselves answering directly. We do not offer any service level agreement on support cases, but they are usually fully resolved within a week, often same day. We do not offer any warranty for the software's fitness for the purpose you intend to use it. It is up to you to ensure during trial mode that the software is fit for the purpose you intend to use it, however any faults, and defects which are found and accepted, WILL be fixed very quickly. It is a matter of pride that over the last few years nobody has waited more than a few days after discovering a bug, for the resolution to arrive.

Support is offered freely, unlike our competitors who now charge, and from our experiences still appear to provide a level of service that in our view is simply unacceptable for a professional product. This is certainly the repeated message we are getting from people in our support inbox!

We believe in hearing from our users personally and learning about their requirements and needs from the software. It is the only means by which we continually improve, so we value this feedback very highly.
Q. I have a reasonably powerful Windows 10 laptop, can I use this?
A. Yes, but there are things you should consider before running on a laptop. People often have a lot of stuff littered on their laptop, slowing it down, eg Antivirus, which is trust me the LAST thing you want running on a VPO console! The second point here and the most important point is that laptops are not as powerful as desktop machines, not by a long way. ALWAYS check which power mode your laptop is in before running the software. Many default to an eco running mode, which in many cases shuts down processor cores and limits speed. Run in full power mode :)

Mobility hardware compromises power and battery life, and so when you buy an i5 laptop with a similar sounding specification to your desktop, do not be fooled into believing they are very similar. They are NOT!

I develop this software on a Dell Latitude i5 10th Gen with super fast 16Mb of RAM. My test console is deliberately a mid specification i5, again with 16Gb of RAM. Despite both being fitted with identical super fast M2.SSD hard drives, the much slower on paper desktop machine in my test console significantly outperforms the apparently much faster laptop. Unsurprisingly.

Yes, you can run it on your laptop, but do bear in mind all of the above points if you start to see latency or audio breakup. A laptop is an expensive solution for running this software in any regard! Try and use desktop hardware if you can. It makes a huge difference.
Q. I am worried about investing in a new product which may not have a secure future?
A. This company have hundreds users around the world playing this software daily for the last 5 years. It has not just popped up. We only officially released in January 2020, and have far too many user already to have any concerns about our future! All products have to start somewhere, and we started this because of our view that existing VPOs are just not good enough, or are lacking in key features that our users consistently tell us they need.

Nobody at DigitalVPO takes any fees or salaries. The company has very low running costs and we refuse to spend on advertising. We have already secured enough licenses and funds to keep us going for many years, and that is just from our first year after release.

We fully intend to and are seriously challenging the undeserved monopoly our competitors have enjoyed for years, and continue to bring better software and better organs to the market for many years to come, especially as we have now have obtained access to some of the most prestigious organs in the UK and Europe for sampling.

This company is run by people who run other professional long established well respected businesses, who are enthusiasts and have unbounded enthusiasm and determination to continue improving this product and bring new organs to the market, often organs which have been denied to our competitors.

Our team are personally very passionate about the product and the organs and we are all committed to this software for the long term. We are not going anywhere any more than we are intimidated by our competition who have a long way to progress their product if they want to catch up. Our future is certainly as secure if not a lot more secure than the other VPO providing companies, largely because we keep reinvesting in the product, where others seem to demonstrate with each version no real improvement,a lot of smoke and mirrors, and of course that upgrade fee! The fact you may have to wait for several years for a version upgrade and the be very disappointed with our competitor software is a common grumble made in our support inbox. Look at our version history on the news page. This demonstrates that we just don't stand still or rest on our laurels! We are here for the long haul, because we passionately believe in what we do, and love every minute of it!
Q. I want to run Great Organ in surround sound. What do I need to do?
A. By default, Great Organ provides stereo output from your soundcard. If you want to enjoy the significantly better experience of enjoying the software in 5.1 surround sound, then you need to ensure you have a compatible dedicated soundcard, eg. SoundBlaster Z, and you will also need an amplifier capable of decoding a dolby digital surround sound signal. You will then need to go to the organ settings and change the "Speaker settings", to 5.1 from stereo.

The software reconfigures for 6 channel output, and send these to the soundcard dolby encoder (which must be switched on). This can either be sent optically or coaxially to your surround sound amp, which must also be placed in the correct mode for receiving dolby surround.

Most high end home cinema systems have a Dolby 5.1 decoder built in, and usually exhibit a blue light when a dolby encoded surround signal is being received. If you are using such an amplifier, plug in the optical/coax connection on one of the DVD/Bluray inputs and select.

This will also support non-dolby soundcards with 6 separate outputs in analogue mode.

If you do not have the equipment, PLEASE DO NOT USE SURROUND MODE. It relies on the encode and decode elements to be handled by the soundcard and your amplifier, and without it, the audio will sound dire, if at all. Further details or questions can be sent to us at Support.
Q. I have an amazing multichannel soundcard and I want to send ranks to different speakers
A. Why ??? The idea of ranks of pipes with speakers in theory sounds great, but it is nuts in practice and produces a truly ugly result! DO NOT DO IT! There are some people who still wish to have this kind of setup, largely due to incorrect "wisdom" received from some organ forum, but it produces hideously unrealistic results and we have yet to hear such a configured system that did not sound comedically bad.

We have in fact gone to great lengths to ensure that the ranks are represented very carefully in the correct stereo and surround space, precisely so you don't have to, or spend a lot of money on a solution that sounds dreadful.

In even large churches and cathedrals, you often find no more than 3 separate chambers, with the majority of organs only having a single chamber. With 6 channels you can actually replicate highly accurately how the organ sounds in air space, taking into account separate chambers, and you don't need any more than that!

Unfortunately this belief in channels for every rank and speakers dotted about everywhere is finding its way into churches and professional installations. These never sound right and they are an unnecessary expense and often ego trip for the installer. Given appropriate amplication 6 channels is enough for almost any space, as it does deliver true surround sound.

Either configure your card for 6 channel surround via dolby encoder, or use the 6 outputs for separate amplification to your surround speaker pairs.

Thinking about a rank as speaker(s) (or mono speaker in some cases) is wrong. A set of speakers is more akin to a chamber full of many ranks. Pipes co-located also harmonically interact with each other, and most pipes in a chamber are within very close proximity. Spreading speakers around a building spreads out these ranks and it just doesn't work, even if the theory says it should!

It is a very plausible idea on the face of it, but you need to consider how the sound travels from a real organ. Splitting ranks up moves further and further from reality, and is something we are quite deliberately avoiding.

The good news is however, if you are using this software in surround mode, you can actually change the surround position of the rank ON THE FLY!!!! Whilst you cannot do this in real life, it is one indulgence we do allow!
Q. I am a young organist, how do I apply for a free license of the software
A. We have had a number of people trying to obtain free licenses who were not entitled to them, so we require some photographic proof of age, and some evidence of organ tuition. These must be emailed to us at Support. We will assess them immediately and then in line with our privacy policy, delete the email and contents.

You must have entered your Installation Code (unique to your computer) on our website. If the application meets our criteria, then a license key can be electronically transferred, instantly.

This is a manual process and each case is assessed on its merits. Since ID was required, nobody has so far been refused, so if this software will be of use to you, and you qualify, do let us know!
Q. I want to demonstrate, perform or use this software in a professional setting
A. Provided you have a full license for the Organist Edition, unlike other VPO companies, we will allow you to use the software as you see fit for demonstrations, performances and general practice. No additional expensive licenses required.

For installations in a professional environment, eg a church, we require a small annual fee to be levied, largely to cover the priority support for that instrument, and the service level agreement in terms of response time etc. This fee does not apply to churches and establishments whom have received a custom built organ from us.
Q. I want to use my existing sample sets with your software
A. We can use and import any sample set from an existing VPO. That is the good news. The bad news is that most sample set producers refuse to allow this to happen in the license agreement you accepted. In effect they wish to support the monopolistic position of just one piece of VPO software. You have a right to demand to know why they are acting in this way and won't work with other professional platforms.

The first step is to contact the sample set producer and ask for a Great Organ version. We will be happy to assist them in creating it, and as a priority. Most sample set producers unreasonably and almost certainly unlawfully refuse to do this, largely as they fear that they will not be able to make as much money from our platform as the competitors, and it is THAT SIMPLE. Greed. The worst offenders for this appear to be the more established names.

You are then at liberty to demand a refund, however they are likely to refuse. In such circumstances, sell the sample set privately, and demand that the company transfer the license to the new owner.

Whilst we can easily import these sample sets, many of them we simply wouldn't want to due to the questionable quality of some of these commercial products. We realize your investment in these products may be large, and that is part of the reason people tell us they are afraid of moving, because they may lose that investment. This is precisely what prevents competition, and the sample set producers know this.

The great news is that we have already formed some strategic partnerships with some new very highly skilled UK based sample set production companies (with Ripon Cathedral being the first of such collaborations), so there will be no shortage of sample sets and new organs, regardless of the considerable attempts of others to limit us to just our own sample sets! They want to limit your choice, but we are doing something about it! WATCH THIS SPACE!
Q. I want to build my own custom organ. Can I do this?
A. Absolutely YES! However we should point out, the art of getting good clean samples is a huge learning curve and you should be prepared to have a lot of patience! After you have actually recorded the samples, cleaned and processed them (the difficult bit), the job of creating an organ and making it playable is a matter of using a few of our tools and a couple of spare hours!

The user interface for our software is written in XAML (WPF), which whilst very easy to read and understand, does have a learning curve. We can of course assist with the more technical side, but absolutely we can help you make a custom organ.

We cannot and will not make custom organs from licensed samples, nor allow our building tools to be used for that purpose. However if they are your own samples or you do have the appropriate permission to use, then we can assist you in this, and you can expect to get something playable in hours, not months.

The good news is, our software knows how to be an organ, or at least bits of it. Unlike with rival software, you setup a model of the organ from building block components, and you don't have to teach a stop how to be a stop, as it already knows what a stop does and how it behaves! What it doesn't know is what kind of stop it is, what rank it is connected to, what it is called etc.
An organ disposition is therefore made up of a series of instructions to tell the organ how to be a very specific organ and defines its behaviours, in effect customising generic components to match the specification of the instrument. You at no point need to know or care how the samples are going to be connected to ranks, stops or anything else. The software is intelligent enough with some user input to know how to turn itself from a series of building bricks into something cohesive that accurately mimics the behaviour of the instrument you are tring to virtualize.

As a matter of policy, we believe that the organ should be shipped with the correct and accurate reverberation from that building. This is a highly skilled task, but we are able to advise and support, even with this. Accurate reverb it just as important as sample accuracy, if not more so, but when it is done properly it will leave you with an incredibly accurate instrument.

We can provide customized versions of our own instruments. This may attract a cost depending on the level of work required, but due to our advanced tooling, perhaps at less cost, and in less time than you may think!
Q. I have pistons and other hardware buttons and stops on my console. Can I use these?
A. As you would expect, YES! Almost everything you see on the screen, even including the keyboard/manual switcher can be assigned to midi input triggers. Stops, couplers, pistons, midi recorder, music page turning, transposition, tremulants, piston sequencing etc. can all be controlled from external midi messages.

If you are also using the music viewer, you can take advantage of the ability to store stop registration sequences against each piece of music, for each organ. This like many other things can be hardware controlled, and has the added bonus of also setting the starting registration for you, just by opening the piece of music. Moving to the next stop registration change is either a single button or piston press!

We are constantly improving our support for a variety of new or additional hardware inputs. If we do not cover a requirement you have, do let uw know. If it is generic enough and would benefit others, we will consider adding it into the software development roadmap for inclusion and delivery.
Q. Where is the user guide?
A. We are working on it! The development of this software has moved at such an astonishing pace that repeated attempts to document how to use it have quickly become invalid and redundant! However a user guide and optimal audio setup guide is in production.

We would argue that the user guide should be very sparse, and essentially not be needed because the software is so intuitive, and indeed users seem to manage to fully use the software without the benefit of such a guide, however we realise that it is still an essential part of our offering and we are as such working on it. Please bear with us. Sorry!
Q. How do I know this is genuinely altruistic, and that these organ funds will receive the money ?
A. We have gone to great lengths to make our online system very traceable and transparent to sample set producers and owners. Every sample set producer / organ owner can log into their account and see all of the sales of their sample sets, save for personal information which we redact.

The organ owners and sample set producers can see at a glance exactly how much they are due from the proceeds at any time, and there is no way of obtaining license keys other than through the website, so there can be no risk of any funds from license sales not being immediately visible to all parties.

As an added step, the sample set producer / organ owner is emailed automatically by our system when somebody makes a purchase of one of their products.

If we were not as good as our word, then we would find ourselves like other sample set producers, quickly barred from going near these instruments! If we want to sample more organs, we have to do the right thing and be going out of our way to demonstrate we are doing the right thing. By having this level of transparency on our website, nobody should have any concerns that the organs are not receiving the funds due to them.

As a final point, practically none of the existing sample set production companies give a percentage of each sale to the organ fund. People purchase these products in the knowledge that little if anything will ever go back to the organ that they are profiting from. We do not require sample set producers to donate to the organ they are virtualizing, but we do strongly encourage it. We are trying set an example that digital organs, the traditional enemy of the pipe organs from some viewpoints, can actually be a force for good and help these instruments in some way, and in doing so, hopefully getting a wider acceptance that there is a place for them, and not just a threatening replacement!
Q. Is there any limit on support?
A. No. Provided the support request genuinely pertains to the software or its usage, we will not cap support requests. We reserve the right to refuse unreasonable/vexatious requests or give advice about general computer issues.

Support is dealt with via email. Remember, we are only as good as the information you provide us with. A support ticket saying "it doesn't work", and nothing else will likely be disregarded or returned to the sender without resolution.

We need you to help us, help you. There are diagnostic logs, and all manner of ways we can try and assist you built into the software, but we have to have detailed information such as steps to reproduce the problem etc.
Q. I am a bit concerned you may have connections with individuals/companies who have been known to use unlicensed samples
A. There are some individuals online who claim to have worked for this company, and even claim to have supplied us with samples, but this is just NOT TRUE!!!!! These claims when challenged have been very quickly withdrawn, not surprisingly because they are just malicious and fictitious claims.

Unfortunately, these claims seem to be part of the smear campaign from fanatics of our competitors product, and purely designed to unfairly damage us. There is absolutely no question of every single sample either being one of ours that we have personally recorded or have the full paper work to demonstrate legitimate usage.

Please do talk to us if there is any doubt. Every sample, resource and asset is lawfully used, and any claims to the contrary should be reported to us, ideally with a screenshot of the allegations and we will ensure the person is held to account / prosecuted, for trying to damage an altruistic project that is for the benefit of all.

Damaging slurs only hurt the organ funds we are trying to support, and is designed to unfairly advantage our unethical competitors. In our experience, 100% of these reported outbursts are from people who haven't even tried the software let alone learned anything about it.

That speaks volumes about the individuals involved. The organ world can occasionally be very nasty and factional. We have all seen it. Some people even have it in for us, simply because we didn't consult them when building this software! We have offended another group because we don't give our stuff away for free, and they believe that is their right to have all software for free! We cannot please everyone, and some are quite deeply offended and worried by what we do and why we do it, quite clearly.

Let the software speak for itself, by trying it! Don't listen to the bullies who just want to limit your choice. If you need further clarification or specific, do come back to us. This is something we feel very angry about and will vehemently challenge anybody who want to sully our hard work and good name.

This is a valid question that we are glad has been raised. We hope this sufficiently clarifies matters but it is such a great shame on such a joyful and exciting project has to suffer such attacks!
Q. What organs are being sampled currently and/or planned for sampling
A. As much as we would like to inform everyone of our schedule this year, we are afraid the information will be misused again in efforts to try and sabotage our agreements to access these instruments, so we are sorry but we cannot publicly discuss this.

Our policy is only to announce new organs as they go into final testing with our test team, which means all sampling done and ready to go to market. We hope you understand why we will have to remain tight lipped about this.

What we can tell you that amongst this line up is another prestigious cathedral organ, a collection of historic instruments with some organs with fine organ builders who are yet to have any of their instruments virtualized. You can expect to see instruments from external sample set producers too, but for the same reasons above, we cannot go into who or what, just yet!'
Q. My license key says it is no longer valid. What do I do?
A. Significant changes in your computer's configuration can result in your license key becoming invalid. Fear not, just drop us an email with your new installation code, and give us details on what has changed etc, and we can reissue new license codes almost immediately.

Licenses are for one computer only. If you intend to move the software to another machine, then you will have to request the transfer of that license from us at support. You may not transfer licenses to other individuals or computers without our express knowledge.

Your license keys are retained safely and can be found in your "My Products" section of your account page, so no need to worry about losing them or damaging a hardware key!
Q. My software says it has expired. What do I do?
A. Do not worry, the software has a designed in lifespan and a bit like keeping Windows up to date, if you keep your software up to date, you will never see this message!

This is designed to keep users with up to date software, and ensure they have the latest features and security enhancements, and is a compromise given we have chosen deliberately NOT to force updates remotely via a website (eg Windows update).

We want you to keep up to date, but want you to have some control over when this happens! In the rare event you do see this message, simply download the latest version of software from this site and install.
Q. Is this just about pipe organs?
A. No! Our platform knows how to be an organ in all of their guises, but it can be transformed easily into being able to play other instrument samples and sound effects. Our Orchestra is an example of this, and our Hammond organs demonstrate that electronic organs are equally at home here.
Q. Windows is hateful! It has a mind of its own!
A. Windows 10, contrary to popular belief is incredibly stable. It is even more stable when you remove all of the consumer bloat that ships with it, that simply isn't required if you are running a VPO. eg Cortana, Speech recognition

Using the Microsoft tooling, we have prepared a standard Windwos 10 installation with much of this consumer bloat removed, and users report it to be significantly faster than the stock installation. Users are responsible for applying their own license key for activation as this is simply a modified installation.

Windows 10 does not need to be activated to run this software. Activating windows allows access to some features which are not required. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use Windows 10 in accordance with the licensing terms, whether you activate it with your own key or not.

If you have an existing Windows 10 installation, disable the features you do not need. Switch any antivirus/Windows Defender to manual or scheduled scanning mode.

IMPORTANTLY - Check your windows update schedule, to ensure any Windows updates are scheduled to run and download when it suits you, not automatically. Windows will keep you notified when updates are necessary, just don't leave everything default so it can update at its own will!

In a commercial environment, Windows 10 is proving to be hugely stable and reliable. This is partly because big companies roll out any updates to their machines in a controlled manner. Microsoft are improving with updates, after a deserved bad reputation, but Windows 10 really is superb platform to run on and gives us access to excellent low level audio which other operating systems struggle to match. Keep your Windows 10 system updated, especially if it is internet connectivity. These updates are important. Switching off any WIFI or internet connection whilst you are using this software can also be beneficial as it prevents background software updates from downloading and adding demand on the hardware.

For the record, criticisms about previous versions of Windows are probably largely supported by us, however this is quite a different and more reliable piece of software, which if setup correctly and not left in general purpose mode really is rock solid.
Q. Can I use a 4 manual instrument on my 2 manual home console?
A. YES !!! Normally, you would be faced with just having to use the couplers to access the manuals you don't have, however we did consider this scenario from the get go and designed in some helpful functionality to assist with this.

Organs with 3 or more manuals are fitted with an "Input Switcher", which is a bunch of on screen pistons which allow you to reassign a manual in one button press. We also allow manuals to be switched based on a MIDI input from real pistons and buttons.

For example you could assign a manual switch command to a midi button or control on your keyboard, so you could for example switch the Swell and Solo manuals. Pressing the button a second time returns the manuals back to their original assignment. A very powerful feature that you miss when it isn't there!
Q. Isn't this just Grand Orgue or Hauptwerk with fancy user interface?
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! This product has ZERO in common with either aforesaid mentioned product, and most definitely not code or technology. Our software uses completely different technology, is written in different computer languages and has been built from the ground up with every single line of code being written by DigitalVPO staff.

The technology we use is approximately 15 years newer than our competitors and bears little resemblance to their approach. We do not use 3rd party libraries in the base software and everything is specifically and optimally written for the job in hand, by us. The only thing in common with other VPO platforms is that you get to play an organ at the end. Everything else is COMPLETELY different.

As this is not an open source project, but in fact commercial and we wish to protect our intellectual property, we will not be publishing the source code for this software. EVER!
Q. Can I adjust individual pipe samples ?
A. You cannot do this in real life. It is unlikely any church or establishment would permit an organist to go in and modify the pipe speech or tone on a real pipe organ, so we do not allow the user to do this either!

The most common reason given to us for "needing" this feature is, "to adjust the organ so it sounds good in my room". This is NOT the right way to adjust the software to match your audio and amplification equipment! Instead, please use the very advanced built in audio EQ functionality. We have provided it, precisely for this purpose and it is a far more simple and effective way to make the corrections you require.

This feature, in some other VPOs is largely used to correct sample set deficiencies, inconsistencies and variable quality, and when used can very quickly damage the character of the organ if not expertly and sparingly applied.

We believe it is in fact our responsibility, and that of our sample set producers to get the samples accurate and correctly voiced from the very conception of the organ. Of course when faults and tuning issues are notified, we will remedy them as soon as possible, but we feel that to protect the integrity of the sound, providing the ability to fundementally modify every pipe, is an unnecssary and complex gimick that adds no real value.

We do allow the users to be able to adjust the organ from a rank level and do a bewildering amount of audio fine tuning, but there is no compelling use case for us allowing access to modify individual samples.
Q. Can I have or purchase the raw samples from your organs ?
A. No. Our sample sets are licensed only for use with our software. Many organs are exclusive to us and contractually must stay so. We do not split our samples from the software for any reason.

We are however considering a "Ranks in a box", solution for those of you who wish to use the audio engine and samples without the user interface.

We are considering both a Windows and Linux version of a proposed solution, however until that solution is available, the software and samplesets remain an atomic unit that cannot be separated.
Q. What VST support does this software have?
A. We originally built this software to not only be a VST host but act as a VST instrument with the identical user interface presented within your DAW as displayed by the stand alone desktop product. Unfortunately, for very complex technical reasons we have temporarily disabled the support for acting as a VST instrument, but hope to enable this feature again as soon as the complications have been overcome.

The software does still retain its full VST2.4 support for VST plugin effects, and allows you similar functionality to manipulate them as you would find in your DAW. It is worth pointing out however that we have invested a lot of effort recently removing our final dependencies on VST plugins for reverb and EQ, even though both plugins were our own code, running via VST does have an overhead. The primary reason for this recent change, was to bring the convolution reverb and EQ filters natively inside the audio engine were the low level audio is being processed, so these filters can be applied at source just prior to final audio output. Naturally, this is much faster.

VST Instrument support will be back soon! VST effects should be used sparingly and where possible use the native built in functionality which is highly optimized for this specific task.

If you have a question you would like to submit to this page and feel the answer would benefit other users, please send us an email with the subject FAQ, and we will do our best to answer it here.