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Managing director - Andrew Jones
Consultant software engineer/architect - Richard McCavery
Consultant sound engineer - Charlie Brown

At present we regrettably cannot offer telephone support on this software, but hope to be able to offer this service in due course.

Support emails are generally answered within 24 hours, but make take longer during software releases and other significant activity.

Please read the FAQs page first, before contacting support. We may have already answered your query on this page.

We do not limit support request to a fixed number of support incidents and we wish don't to profit from offering user support as an extra paid service, unlike other VPO providers. That said, support requests must only be in relation to our software or organs and must be reasonable. We reserve the right to cancel or close support cases that are not reasonable and proportionate.

We do not offer any form of service level agreement on support requests, but we do listen and act to ensure the best possible experience for all of our users, and still provide significantly better support than that which has to be paid for with our competitors. We will not leave any issues reported to us unfixed for long! We have no intention of resting on our laurels, and will continue with our user lead program of development and keep up to date with new emerging technologies and methodologies.

It remains your responsibility to ensure this software is appropriate for your needs and fit for the purpose you want to use it, before making any purchases. All software incorporates a fully functional trial mode, so you can fully evaluate the suitability of the software for your requirements.

We would appreciate it if demands made on our support, do pertain to genuine matters of support in relation to this software and it's usage. We are happy to answer ANY questions, but cannot, for the sake of our existing users, get involved in protracted debates, nor do we need web sites building or financial advice! We want to give first class support to everyone, and such communications only limit our ability to do this.

This company is strictly operated on a 'not for profit' basis, with any remaining proceeds being equally shared between the organ funds we are currently supporting. All transactions are entirely transparent and traceable to the recipient organ funds.

In an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of this software, we have reduced our usage of paper and other consumable materials to an absolute minimum. The use of digital virtual organs, particularly for practice, also saves energy and wear and tear on real pipe organs and therefore has some unintended positive environmental impact!

NOTE :- We DO NOT HAVE OR HAVE EVER HAD any affiliation or association with Aaron Folwell (or any of the aliases eg McCafferty/James/OrgelBaron he uses). Any claims he has had any association with us or has any inner knowledge of the company or its products should be disregarded as purely fictitious wishful thinking. He is not authorized to act or make any statements on our behalf, do evaluations or demonstrations and has no connection whatsoever with this company. If in doubt or you hear any such claims, please contact us by one of the email addresses above.