About Great Organ

Great Organ - Digital Organ Software Platform

The genuinely most advanced, ethical, affordable digital organ solution available

Great Organ - Key features

The complete out of the box virtual organ software

  • The lowest latency high definition virtual organ software currently available.
  • Extremely efficient utlisation of RAM and processor to provide the best performance possible, even on very large instruments.
  • Most instruments will run perfectly in 8Gb RAM, with only the larger instruments needing 16Gb.
  • Most instruments load and are ready to use in a matter seconds, and certainly less than 30 seconds! (Varies by hardware and availability of SSD drive)
  • Cutting edge low level audio engine, which supports ASIO and the more efficient WASAPI audio subsystems.
  • Full VST2.4 support. Organs can be used directly embedded in your favourite VST host software/Digital Audio Workstation, just like any other VST instrument!
  • Several different built in reverb solutions, including 2 and 6 channel Convolution reverb.
  • User defined convolution reverb impulse files can be used meaning any building acoustics can be faithfully reproduced.
  • Built in music library display (two or more screens), and standalone music library display application.
  • Stereo and true 5.1 Dolby surround sound output (5.1 requires suitable sound card and amplification)
  • Extensible architecture, allowing VST plugins to be used with all organs
  • Easy and intuitive to use. Does not require complicated configuration or setup.
  • User interface uses the full power of your graphics card (GPU) hardware acceleration to free up the computer to process the audio and software loads.
  • Will run on a fairly modest Windows x64 based computer, without need for special hardware, external reverb, expensive sound cards etc.
  • Compatible with a wide array of MIDI hardware, custom built consoles and factory MIDI hardware.
  • We only use dry samples, and we have eradicated unnecessary, cumbersome and wasteful multiple sample releases, which kill resources and performance for no benefit. Multiple releases are used by some as a marketting feature, but they really are a bad solution to a simple problem. In common with manufacturers of off the shelf digital organs we avoid the use of wet samples and multiple releases. Don't be hoodwinked. You don't need multiple releases!

At Great Organ, we ripped up the rule book and preconceived notions of how a piece of digital organ software should work. We decided to start with a blank canvas and design the software to respect the physics of how a real organ works, whilst using the most advanced software development techniques and audio technology currently available to deliver this.

As such our organ software works like no other. It is a brand new product, designed and built by organists FOR organists, and has nothing in common with anything else, other than the end product is a virtual organ.

Unlike the existing commercial software, we wanted to give something back to the organ world rather than just plundering it for profit. As such every penny of the proceeds of this software are donated to pipe organ restoration projects or youth organ education programs.

We also feel it is important that this software is affordable, as the current commercially available software is not. And unjustifyably so! It is our view that it is also simply not fit for purpose, which is why we felt we needed to put the considerable efforts in to create an entirely new piece of software, using the latest technology. However, don't let the low cost allow you to believe that this software is in some way inferior to the commercially available alternatives. By every measure it outperforms the current commercial offerings and is undoubtedly the most accurate, fastest and most efficient software of it's type, bar none. We just believe that making software astronmically expensive fails to serve the organ world, makes the organ less accessible and as such harms the very future of the organ.

A further consideration we made was making this software run on a fairly modest computer. To run the commercial alternatives, expensive hardware is required, which again makes this inaccessible to the majority of potential users.

This software has been designed largely by its users, and uniquely, is under constant improvement and development. It is therefore only as good as the feedback we receive, so please feel free to take an active role in this project and let us know what you think!

This software is available with concessions for genuine music students under 21. In most part for these young music students, our software will be free of charge, or when charging is required it will be at considerable discount.

As we only wish for genuine organists and enthusiasts to benefit from using this software, we will not provide licenses to people who fail, or have failed to show professional courtesy to fellow organists. So please remember to be kind!

We are very happy to discuss how this software works and why we feel our approach does lead to more responsive and accurate audio, without compromising audio quality or sampling definition. If you want to know more, feel free to ask!