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Technical Support

We continue to offer free-of-charge technical support on our software and products, and pride ourselves in offering the best technical support in the business.
We believe it is wrong to send users to a self-help support forum to get questionable advice, or worse still, charge for support on an advanced piece of software.
To ensure our support remains free-of-charge we must ask that you respect the following points :-
  • We would appreciate it if demands made on our support, do pertain to genuine matters of support in relation to this software only.
  • We want to help you, so try to help us by gathering as much information as you can, including any steps required to reproduce, in the case of a defect being reported.
  • It remains your responsibility to establish that the software is appropriate for your needs prior to purchase. All software products have a trial mode for this purpose.
  • Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting support.
  • There is no service level agreement on support requests. We endevour to answer most same day, but in very busy periods this may take up to 7 days.
  • If your support request is URGENT and requires an immediate response, use 'URGENT' in the title of the email. For urgent responses, a small charge may be levied.
  • As a policy, any emails received which are deemed to be vexatious, aggressive, rude or sarcastic support will be deleted without further consideration. We are here to support the genuine musicians and enthusiasts.
  • We have not had an issue which we have not been able to provide speedy resolution to, so come to us for support. We are the only experts in how our software works.

Technical support / Enhancement requests : support@digitalvpo.com

We DO NOT HAVE OR HAVE EVER HAD any affiliation or association with Aaron Folwell (or any of the aliases eg McCafferty/James/OrgelBaron he uses). Any claims he has had any association with us or has any inner knowledge of the company or its products should be disregarded as the deliberate attempts to damage competion in favour of inferior products, that they are. So far, all such claims have been made by people connected with other VPO companies, and are purely designed to gain competitive advantage and protect a monopoly. He is not authorized to act or make any statements on our behalf, do evaluations or demonstrations and has no connection whatsoever with this company. If in doubt or you hear any such claims, please contact us by one of the email addresses above.

No VPO software company allows their software or sample sets to be sold with huge discounts. Discounted software is almost always unlicensed and illegally obtained, so always buy from reputable sources.

In an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of this software, we have reduced our usage of paper and other consumable materials to an absolute minimum. The use of digital virtual organs, particularly for practice, also saves energy and wear and tear on real pipe organs and therefore has some unintended positive environmental impact!

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