3 Manual - Barton Theatre Organ

3 manual 12 rank theatre organ

Single Screen

Single screen / Laptop screen view

Dual Landscape screens

Dual portrait screens

The Organ.

This organ sample set was very kindly provided under the Creative Commons Licensing agreement by Graham Goode of SA Virtual Organs.

This disposition is largely based around the Redford Barton organ and was created by us with the considerable assistance and support from Graham.

We are most grateful to him for him allowing us to use this sample set on the Great Organ platform and create this superb instrument.

Making organs free to all isn't without financial cost and does involve a lot of hard work! If you enjoy this instrument, please visit Graham's web site to make a donation towards his ongoing work. Our development team have matched Graham's generosity by also agreeing to create the disposition for free, so please enjoy!

SA Virtual Organs

16 Bit Stereo and 5.1 surround sound (Compact Disc quality).

Tuning 440Hz

Organ Specification

Details to be updated shortly

Latest software -1st January 2023

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Compatible with

Windows x64

Windows 10 / Windows 11

  • Windows 10/11 x64 - Intel i5 6th Gen or better
  • 16Gb+ RAM (ideally DDR4)
  • 128Gb+ SSD or M2.SSD
  • Ideally using dedicated soundcard
Apple Macintosh

Apple OSX Intel based systems

  • OSX 10.14+ (Mojave) x64 - Intel based x64
  • 16Gb+ RAM (ideally DDR4)
  • 128Gb+ SSD or M2.SSD
  • Ideally using dedicated soundcard
Linux Intel x64 distributions

Linux Intel x64 distributions

  • Debian/Ubuntu based distributions v20.0+ - x64 base (Linux Mint / Ubuntu)
  • 16Gb+ RAM (ideally DDR4)
  • 128Gb+ SSD or M2.SSD
  • Ideally using dedicated soundcard

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